Madonna flashes nipple in Istanbul: that was no nip-slip!

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    Madonna, moments before showing her nipple last night during a concert in Istanbul. (Screen Grab Youtube)

    It wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction. It wasn’t a paparazzi photo of her climbing out of the backseat of a car on an evening when she forgot to wear panties. It was a move as bold and brazen as its perpetrator. Madonna, long known for courting controversy, flashed her nipple last night during a concert in Istanbul.

    The Material One danced a strip-tease to her 1995 song “Human Nature,” which mocks society’s conventions and prudish views on sex. While shimmying onstage in a strappy mesh bra, she briefly pulled down the right cup to reveal her nipple. She then partially unzipped her pants and, back to the audience, simulated (at least, we think she was simulating) masturbation.

    So is this latest move just more of Madonna being Madonna? This is, after all, the woman who mixed sex and religion in the 1989 video for “Like a Prayer,” staged a mock crucifixion of herself on stage, dropped 13 F-bombs on the David Letterman show, and published a book of photos of herself in explicit sexual poses. Oh, and remember when she shared an open-mouth kiss with Britney Spears at the MTV awards? Yeah, that Madonna.

    On the one hand, Madonna’s nipple flash feels a little desperate, like maybe she’s a 53-year-old pop star afraid of being overshadowed by her younger rivals. (Oh wait; she is a 53-year-old pop star…)

    On the other hand, this is Madonna. She invented these kind of shocking, sexy pop-culture antics, many of which she’s delivered with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Just check out her smirk after the Istanbul nipple flash.



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