9-year-old blogger shakes up school lunches

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    The 9-year-old Scottish grade school student Martha Payne. (Personal photo via kivultagasabb)

    Never underestimate the power of a determined 9-year-old school lunch blogger. Scottish grade school student Martha Payne was so dissatisfied with her school lunches that she started taking photos of the meals and rating them based on taste, healthiness and quantity. With statistics that even the most successful blogger would envy, Martha’s blog, NeverSeconds, scored more than 1 million page views in less than one month.

    Every school day since April 30, 2012, Martha has posted a photo of her lunch tray, with a critique that might make Guy Ramsey blush. The flavor is rated on a 1/10 scale, which Martha calls the “Food-o-meter.”

    Three of the £2 meals that have caused a storm on Twitter through Martha’s blog. (Photos/ neverseconds.blogspot.com.es)

    She counts mouthfuls as she eats, and makes sure to note when there are not enough. She gives each meal a health rating on a 1/10 scale, lists the price of the meals and, just for kicks apparently, has a final category called “pieces of hair.” (Thus far, there have been none.)

    But Martha’s blog isn’t just a little kid complaining about “gross” school lunchesshe’s gotten action from the school district.

    Just two weeks into the phenomenal success of her blog, Martha’s father  was asked to meet with the district’s lunch council, who thereafter announced that children could have unlimited serving of bread, fruit and vegetables.

    And, since she started blogging, portion size does seem to have climbed steadily, and healthier options are showing up on her school’s lunch trays. Plus, school kids from all over the world send her photos of their lunches, with their own ratings.

    Nine years old and already shaking things up at city hall? We predict a future in politics for Martha!

    Read more at TIME.com.

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