Fair tax policy: make the rich pay their share

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    Say you’re broke. Your husband or wife uses the credit cards to continue paying your lavish lifestyle and racks up a trillion dollars in debt. Then you get divorced and your new husband or wife assumes the debt. She sits down and looks at the numbers with you. “Well,” he or she says, “we’ll need to cut back on the kid’s lunches, after school programs, give up our health insurance, get rid of cable, and so on. But we need to add more coverage to your life insurance and get an alarm system for the house.”

    You suggest he or she take a job to help pay down the debt.

    Which plan do you think would bring down the debt the fastest?

    When George Bush took office he took over a government with a budget surplus and handed the Obama administration a government that was almost a trillion dollars in debt. Yet, the Republicans claim Democrats like Obama are “tax and spend Democrats.”

    Things are more complicated than that. A graph from the Congressional Budget Office in Wikipedia shows there was no ‘real’ surplus, but you can see that during the Reagan and Bush years and the George W. Bush years, the debt went up. Way up.

    Everyone thinks Democrats like big government and high taxes. But most evidence seems to point in the other direction. Republicans raise taxes and grow the government more than Democrats. Bush created Homeland Security, ICE, the Guantanamo Bay prison, and so on. And contrary to popular belief, the Republican’s favorite Republican, Ronald Reagan, raised taxes.

    The fact is; the country is getting bigger. We are more people. We need better and more modern infrastructure, and we occasionally have to fight wars. We need to spend money. Money has to come from somewhere.

    fair tax policy

    "I don't mind paying taxes as long as I feel they are being used fairly." / Photo: Shutterstock

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    I don’t mind paying my share of taxes as long as I can feel they’re doing something good. My son goes to a pretty good public school. We have wonderful parks with clean facilities. The roads and highways are in good condition. Those are my taxes at work. But my taxes are also fueling a war I don’t believe in, (we killed Osama Bin Laden last year, and that was the point of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan).

    So why did house Republicans pass a bill that would cut programs for the poor and give yet more money to the military, and still not raise taxes?

    Republicans refuse to raise taxes for the rich. Warren Buffett and Stephen King, two very rich guys have asked the government to raise their taxes. It’s fair.

    Obama proposes raising taxes on households with income over $250,000, but Republicans claim raising taxes on the rich would hurt the economy. They say the rich create jobs.

    B*llsh*t. The rich do not create jobs.

    Well, here is a case where the rich actually did create a job. The Romneys hired Jan Ebeling as a riding tutor for Ms. Romney. According to an article in the New York Times, Ebeling came to this country from Germany with nothing. Now, thanks to the Romneys, he owns a horse ranch in California. Ebeling is ranked ninth in American dressage riding and is trying to become an Olympic contender for the U.S. team.

    Me, I’m still waiting for the rich man to give me my job. Until then, and even after that, I still believe the rich in this country are seriously under-taxed.

    Fair is fair. Make the rich pay their share.

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