How does gay parenting affect children?

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    A clinical study by two sociologists of the University of Southern California found that gay parenting does affect children somewhat. The study proved that having gay parents plays to the children’s advantage with some positive outcomes.

    This evidence is the result of a 20-year research, dating back to 1980. The two sociologists re-examined the data recently and stated that children raised by gay parents are more sensitive to and empathetic with social diversity, and less likely to stereotype. They also added that the emotional health of the two sets of children – those raised by heterosexuals and those raised by homosexuals – is essentially the same.

    Demographics are changing

    Demographer Gary Gates of the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, released his analysis of 2008 census data, showing that 31 percent of same-sex couples are raising children, compared to 43 percent of heterosexual couples. That’s a lot of homosexual parents, and I don´t mean it in a bad way. 

    Sadly, many prejudiced people, out of fear, or their stereotyped upbringing, are against gay parenting and suggest it is an aberration to expose a child to same-sex parenting. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

    Zach Wahls – a son defends his two moms

    Iowa Student Zach Wahls just released a book: My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, My Two MomsStrength, and What Makes a Family, written after the video of his powerful and moving testimony before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee went viral. In the video, he gave a testimony about gay civil unions, which left the world in awe and with little else to add to the case.

    Wahls is an example that leaves the gay parenting debate of whether a child is negatively affected by gay parenting, threadbare. He tells of his rearing, his happy years growing up, how his family isn’t different from any other. He is an Eagle Scout and a small-business owner at 19. He also scored in the 99th percentile on the ACT test, which assesses academic growth for college and career readiness. His most powerful words came when he said: “If I were your son, Mr. Chairman, I believe I would make you very proud.”

    What is parenting anyway?

    Parenting is the art of rearing children, procuring an education, a safe and loving environment, a healthy upbringing, and an emotionally stable environment. Parenting is a gender-neutral word. Parents are those who take children under their wing, no matter whether the kids are adopted, biological, conceived via IVF or surrogacy. People who choose any of these options have decided to love and care for a child, regardless of the child’s sex. And those kids are cared for, regardless of their parents´ gender.

    Gay parents

    Studies concluded that children of gay parents are as emotionally stable as those of heterosexual parents / Photo: Shutterstock

    We are a result of our environment

    My father is not gay, he is straight (I suppose this implies that being otherwise is crooked; don´t we just love labels!) He brought me up with love, maybe overcompensating for my lack of a mom, but he taught me acceptance, tolerance and unconditional love.

    I never saw him reject someone for gender or race reasons. I am very sensitive to other people’s suffering and I believe that when we focus on the differences we only bring suffering. Acceptance is what the world needs to help us become better people, better parents and to enjoy the rights all human beings are entitled to, including gay parents and their children.


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