Easter and spring: a time for renewal and change

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    Easter bonnet parade in New York city is a celebration of the end of lent, as is the tradition of wearing new clothes. Easter is a time for renewal, a time for: out with the old and in with the new.

    And this is what life is: ongoing change and renewal. Easter and spring evoke newness, the beginning of a flourishing new season, we can change and make our lives easier, happier, by making some small adjustments.

    Easter is a time for renewal

    Easter and spring are a time for renewal / Photo: Dmccale

    Curiously and contrary to what we might expect, USA Today explains how spring for some people might not evoke flowers blooming and hope. It seems some people are more prone to suicide at this time. Jerry Reed, executive Director of Prevention Action Network says: “It’s a new beginning, but some people don’t feel that new beginning.

    Let us strive to feel that renewal by changing our lifestyles only a little bit. This can have effects of great magnitude in our lives.

    Things you can change to open up for renewal:

    • Change your wardrobe: Be more daring, try clothes you usually are afraid to wear. This might sound superficial, but being more daring, experimenting with new colors can make you feel different too. Out with safe black and neutral!
    • Change your exercise routine: If you run, change routes, change pace, run longer.
    • If you go to a gym, push yourself harder. Change your routine too. Try a spinning or zumba class. If you are a loner like me, try a group class, this will open you up to people.
    • Travel to a different place you have never been to. Explore.
    • Make a list of new things you would like to do outdoors. Take advantage of the good weather: hike, bike, walk on the beach early in the morning, if you are lucky to live close to the ocean.
    • Make a list of rejuvenating books to read: stay away from dark titles.
    • Make a point of doing something different every day, or change the order in which you do things.
    • Listen to music. Music can affect your mood, so go for more upbeat if you can. This can turn out to be your life’s soundtrack.
    • Meet up with friends more often. Sharing time with friends enhances your self esteem. Studies also show that people with a wider network of friends live longer and are overall happier.
    • Stop doing things you don’t like to do. Learn to say no.
    • Embark on a new hobby. This may be writing, drawing or whatever you like. Forget perfection and focus on engaging in something just for the sake of enjoyment. A cooking class might do it too!

    May you find the renewal I find in Easter and spring, and remember the butterfly effect!

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