Hilda Solis on women and glass ceiling

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    Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. (Photo by Department of Labor)

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    It’s no secret that women are few and far between in boardrooms and political offices. But Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, the daughter of immigrants with less than a sixth grade education, has burst through the glass ceiling.  The once impermeable glass ceiling is porous according to Solis’ interview in The Atlantic.

    Solis tells the publication that she believes in the next 20 years there will be a woman president and the importance of that moment will be “Big. Big.”

    Atlantic: What does it say that women are CEOs in only a handful of Fortune 500 firms?

    SOLIS: It’s embarrassing. It says that we still have a lot more work to do. And here [in Washington], the highest-paid lobbyists [are] males.”

    Women represent just about 3 percent of Fortune 500 company CEOs, according to USA Today. According to the Center of American Women and Politics:

    • Of the 535 seats in 112th U.S. Congress there are 90 women serving.
    • Of the 317 statewide elective offices, 72 women hold these positions.

    For the full list of women in elected offices read CAWP report.

    Read is at The Atlantic 

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