Single moms blamed by senator Grothman for child neglect. What’s next?

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    Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman is blaming child abuse on single moms. He wants to include an amendment to an existing Wisconsin law that would declare single non-marital parenthood, a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.

    I take offense to this. I grew up in a single-parent home.

    I am a single mother by divorce and I am completely against any form of child abuse. So much, that I don’t believe in corporal punishment.

    The moms I know love their children

    I have friends who are single mothers either through divorce or pregnancies out of wedlock. I also have friends who are married with kids. I see these women express nothing but love for their children.

    I have friends who were abused as children

    I  have friends who were abused as children, while both parents were living under the same roof. I also have friends who were abused by their single parent. Clearly, the reasons for their abuse were more complicated factors than single parenthood.

    Children may be neglected in a two-parent home too / Photo: Shutterstock

    Grothman must be drinking out of Rush Limbaugh’s, “I hate women,” Kool-Aid cup.

    I think Grothman’s only attempt is, to stigmatize single mothers. Approximately 84 percent of single parents in this country are women. Can’t help but feel his judgmental arrow is aimed directly at this group.

    Other factors contribute to child abuse and neglect

    Why didn’t Grothman include alcoholism, or domestic violence, unemployment or just plain stupidity in his amendment? Those are well-documented factors of child abuse and neglect.

    Most single parents didn’t start out that way. 

    Grothman, you’re trying to make it a social “bad” for a woman to get divorced instead of staying in a dysfunctional marriage. The decision to have a child out of wedlock is a personal choice. Who are you to chastise these choices between the written lines of state legislation? You’re wasting taxpayer money debating the issue in state congress, when one third of Wisconsin parents, are single parents.

    Stop picking on single moms. Protect the rights of abused and neglected children instead.

    Grothman, if you’re really trying to prevent child abuse and child neglect, spend your efforts in pushing legislation that protects the rights of abused children. Many times authorities wait too long before removing a child from an abusive home and the child is either terribly injured or killed.


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