Why pets help kids

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    I have had a lot of pets and a lot of experience with them and the three main topics we are going to talk about with pets are responsibility, friendship, and school.

    Pets are a very good way for kids to become more responsible. How? Through feeding, cleaning, and health.

    But this also can help them remember other things like taking the garbage out, or doing their homework. Because when they are feeding their pets and remembering to clean their cages it could rub off on some other things they usually don’t cooperate with. Take it from someone with lots of experience as a pet owner!

    Neo with Carlos, his hedgehog

    Pets help kids get friends. If your son or daughter is wanting a pet, I would say get him or her one. It will help them with life skills and other stuff listed at the top of the article. Pets are one of the best ways for kids to interact with other children. I started at the age of 5 and it´s helped me a lot.

    It will also show kids that when they are older they will be very successful in life because  their animals have taught them not to be scared and to try their best and always be out there. Kids also will learn patience, because with  all pets you have to be patient to see them do amazing tricks. Snakes are very smart and can do fantastic things which will show kids it’s not so hard to do outstanding things in life. For lizards it takes bundles of hours until you see them strike a cricket.

    How pets will help kids in school: they can help them in all classes like science and social studies. Because in science you will be learning about animals. Like, how they catch their food or how they live.

    This is why kids should have pets. It inspires them to be anything they want to be. Pets show kids that there is always a way to accomplish things in life.  But this is only my perspective.

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    Neo is an 11-year old tween who plays football and is an outstanding student. We only do minor edits on tween blogs to let their voices come through. These kids are our future!

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