Order a burger in Spanglish at Sonic

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    “Ready? Oprime el red button and order” or “Personaliza tu world” and “About nosotros”. Sonic reads in english, Spanish and Spanglish.

    If you’ve sat in a drive through lately you may have overheard orders like “hamburger sin pickles” or “double cheeseburger con ketchup y mostaza.”

    It’s not broken English or Spanish. It’s Spanglish.

    Spanglish has become common in heavy Latino communities with second and third generation Latinos integrating into American society, that SONIC, the 50s style fast-food burger joint, has added a Spanglish menu or shall I say menú. The Spanglish step-by-step menu speaks to the growing number of young Latinos who still know some of their native tongue.

    “It was important to engage our Hispanic customers by providing an online experience which parallels both their world and the feeling of visiting a nearby SONIC,” said Matt Schein, senior director of marketing for SONIC, in a statement. “Getting creative at SONIC is something our customers enjoy and we want the website to inspire that same creative feeling.”

    The site creates a virtual experience. With a funky beat playing in the background, it makes selecting a hamburger feel like you’re in the drive-in.

    Better yet, it’s connects to young Latinos—in their own language.

    “We go a step further and reflect our bicultural target’s lifestyle, combining the best of their Latino culture with their U.S. experience to create their unique world. Just like SONIC, they can create food combinations and dining experiences as unique as they are,” Schein said.

    Here’s a taste of what you’ll see in Spanglish:

    Ready? Oprime el red button and order” and “Personaliza tu world

    See it for yourself on SONIC.

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