Finding the perfect gift for your mujer on Valentine’s Day

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    Ever since I overcame the cooties for girls, pretty early on, according to my family, the quest to gift the object of my affection the perfect Valentine’s Day present is something that has been quite the challenge for me personally.  I know I am not alone, because over the years my buddies and I have gone over this same conundrum time and time again.  There seems to be no tried and true way to always score the perfect gift for a woman, no matter how hard one may try.

    Do men try hard enough?

    Alright, perhaps we don’t try as hard as you ladies would like us to.  We all know women are big fans of dropping subtle hints when they want something.  Even not so subtle ones when it’s something you’ve really set your heart on, but still, we always manage to get it wrong.

    It all starts in grade school

    As a boy in grade school, it was easy.  As long as the girls in my class got the designated pink and red cards with hearts on them and not the ones with ‘Transformers’ or ‘Thunder Cats’ on them, it was all good.

    In middle school and high school the schools themselves made it easy for us to at least try to better please our crushes.  On Valentine’s Day there were always carnations that you could purchase to send to your crush in their classroom.  They even took students out of their regular curriculum just to deliver these carnations to the girls.  Every time the delivery student would walk into the classroom all the girls would gush with excitement about who might be the lucky recipient of the carnations in his hand.

    The really popular girls would collect about a dozen carnations all together.  Some of them even receiving huge teddy bears and balloons to go along with their flowers.  It was all about competition!

    Personally, I only worked up the nerve to send one of my crushes a carnation once.  At that, it was sent to her anonymously so that she wouldn’t get the chance to reject me.  I was a bit of a fool around girls.  I think I still am, really.

    What I usually buy my wife

    Now, as a loving and caring husband, never mind what my wife might comment here if she reads this post, finding the perfect gift continues to be something I struggle with every year.

    Luckily for me, Anjelica is not a big fan of outlandish gifts and as long as I get her something that I am supposed to know she likes, she is happy.  That is the thing.  In my opinion, Valentine’s Day, as well as birthdays and anniversaries, etc. – our anniversary happens to be on February 14th too by the way – are all about how much attention we guys pay to what you ladies are sharing with us about yourself.

    One year I bought Anjelica costume jewelry for Valentine’s Day.  The lady at the mall who sold it to me went on and on about how beautiful it was and I knew for a fact she didn’t have anything else like it in her collection.  This was definitely going to be a great gift I thought to myself.  Unfortunately, she didn’t really think so at all when she opened it.

    We learn from our mistakes

    I think she might still have the necklace in her jewelry case somewhere, but to this day she has never worn it once.  The year after, I decided to go crafty.  She loves to craft and create things and the store where I made my purchase was one that we had already frequented together.  The gift I got her – a wooden box with a heart on it, a small hand-woven journal and a red rosary – in hindsight, was still a little impersonal.  Regardless, that craft box was a big hit.  She keeps part of her jewelry in there today.

    Hey, I wonder if that costume jewelry might be in there somewhere!

    Who knows?  The point is I’m getting better at gifting every year.  Just don’t ask me what I’ll be giving her for Valentine’s Day this year.

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