Letter from the CEO: Latinos are finally in the spotlight

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    Emilio Sanchez, President & CEO of VOXXI

    There is no better place than the Newseum in Washington D.C. to serve as the site for today’s official launch of VOXXI, the Voice of Hispanics in the 21st Century.

    We chose to launch VOXXI at the Newseum to show the transcendence of journalism in a free society. And there is no better way to present and defend the multiple faces and voices of the Hispanic community than with good reporting. These are the faces and voices that so often fight for the right representation in the mainstream media, instead of being pigeonholed into the common stereotypes that portray Latinos. Latinos are finally in the spotlight.

    Among the hundreds of people that we have invited to this event there are two powerful and very different leaders who will share the main stage with us. A charismatic figure from Hollywood, the award-winning actor Esai Morales, and the most respected Hispanic political voice in Washington, Sen. Robert “Bob” Menendez.

    In an emotional and inspiring video, Esai Morales said that Latinos are never in the spotlight. We are a small part of the story that fills mainstream media from Hollywood and Silicon Valley to New York. Latinos have been relegated to the sidelines despite all that we have to offer to this nation, and have been offering for 500 years.

    As Esai Morales said in the video, we do not want to be looked at askance or seen with suspicion. VOXXI intends to put Latinos in the spotlight. VOXXI is an authentically acculturated Hispanic platform.  We are not a “Latino” division of a media conglomerate trying to capitalize on or capture a share of the Latino market. We, ourselves, are the market.

    VOXXI intends to put all the Hispanic communities at the center of the story of the daily news. We inform, educate, entertain and engage with a global Latino vision of the nation and the world, enriched by the power of social media.

    In his book “Growing American Roots,” Senator Menendez wrote that “Today, we are entering a new era in which we can ensure that Latinos have a greater seat at the table of national discourse, commensurate with our number and our growing significance. Representation and recognition of Latinos will amount to a change in the course of our nation for the better.”

    VOXXI will report all the changes in this nation and their impact on our communities to ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear.

    I would like take this opportunity to thank our wonderful team that has made this dream a reality; our family of reporters, bloggers, columnists and contributors for their time and energy, and most of all their passion. They have enabled us to officially launch our site today.

    Moreover, we appreciate their families for supporting them, and the long hours they devote to making VOXXI the Hispanic Voice of the 21st Century.

    Watch video of Esai Morales on Latinos in Hollywood

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