Is it OK to poke fun at a foreign accent?

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    Most people who have a foreign accent – who speak English with the intonation of their first language – don´t like to be told they have an accent. And most definitely, those with an accent, detest being ridiculed for it. They are making an effort, and nobody´s earnest efforts to learn a new language should be made fun of.

    There have been recent instances in the media where Latinos were publicly laughed at for speaking English with a Spanish accent: such as Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. They were apparently introduced by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe awards with: “I can´t understand a f*ck*ng word they say.”

    Then there is the cosmetics commercial featuring Ellen DeGeneres and Sofía Vergara, in which De Generes pokes fun at Vergara´s form of speech.

    Those making fun of foreign accents seem to speak only one language. Should they be ridiculed for being monolingual? That, even if politically incorrect, seems to make more sense: to poke fun at the closed-minded and linguistically uneducated by choice.

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