Wild Patagonian shrimp, not just any shrimp

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    Like other wild species, the flavor of this wild-Patagonian shrimp comes from its natural habitat: the ocean. Organically integrated into the food chain and its wild environment. No pens, no artificial feeding, no antibiotics, no GMOs. Pure nature.

    These uncooked, brightly colored shrimp are wild-caught from the cold, clean waters off of Patagonia, Argentina, and are available only at selected stores.

    Wild Patagonian shrimp, a gift from nature. (Photo Fernanda Beccaglia)

    Flavor and texture

    Thanks to the rich diet available in their natural habitat, these beauties are bursting with subtle flavor and delicate texture many compare to Maine lobster.

    The flavor is “oceany” and sweet. The texture is buttery and very delicate, and requires minimal cooking. These tender cold-water shrimp do best on the grill or with a quick sauté — remember, don’t overcook!

    If you have the opportunity to get your hands on some of these wild-Patagonian shrimp, make sure to deglaze them in water 10-15 minutes until thawed before cooking. If you are using the head-on shrimp never thaw overnight or leave un-frozen for long – the head might discolor, though the meat is fine.

    To clean them, just cut along the top of the tail and remove the vein.


    Steam, grill or sauté in olive oil for a couple of minutes until bright pink with some whole-unpeeled garlic cloves. Season with a bit of sea salt, a splash of fresh lemon juice, a touch of chili peppers and freshly ground pepper to taste. Again, don’t overcook!

    I serve it over fresh pasta (or you might choose rice), a touch of fresh herbs and tomato confit.

    The last time I cooked them, everybody ate in solemn silence, enjoying their food like there’s no tomorrow. My friend finally broke the silence. “I want seconds,” she said.

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