Yzaguirre absolutely “aplatanado”

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    Yzaguirre absolutely “aplatanado”

    Raúl H. Yzaguirre in official U.S. State Department photo. (U.S. State Department photo)

    Raúl Yzaguirre, founder of the Hispanic advocacy organization La Raza and Obama’s appointee to represent the U.S. in the Dominican Republic, loves all things Dominican thus his feeling “aplatanado” -wrapped up in Dominican’s favorite staple, plantain-.

    Promoting Secretary Clinton’s Global Diaspora Initiative, ambassador Yzaguirre extolled the efforts of Dominican Americans who traditionally help their country of origin.

    “Diaspora engagement with countries of origin is sizeable,” acknowledged the Department of State referring to Americans investing in their country of origin -remittances of $3.4 billion amount to 7.3 percent of the Dominican Republic GDP in 2009 according to the 2011 Factbook on Immigration and Remittances published by The World Bank.

    The Department of State now wishes to tap on the “diplomatic and developmental potential” of such so-called Diaspora communities and turn them into virtual ambassadors of America’s goodwill.

    Read Ambassador Yzaguirre’s article: Plantains and Apple Pie: Promoting the Global

    Read about the Diaspora Engagement initiative

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