Strong Latina single moms

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    The National Center for Health Statistics states that 53 percent of Latino babies are born to single moms. Some Latina single mothers, however, manage to forge ahead and turn a a potentially dramatic situation into an opportunity for personal growth.


    The Privilege of Being a Single Mom

    Mireya Posada, a resident of Elizabeth, New Jersey, is a motivational speaker who recently published a book, El Privilegio de ser mamá soltera (The Privilege of Being a Single Mom), about her experience. The father of her child left her shortly after she gave birth; she mourned her loss and then sat down to pen her story, to inspire others.

    “My story is just one more of millions of women,” Posada says. “Single moms are, unfortunately, on the rise. My biggest inspiration is to create awarenes in the absent fathers, and help single mothers realize they are privileged, not disadvantaged.”

    One of the challenges of a single mom, according to Posada, is to find proper care for her kids when she is at work, and also to find the time to take care of herself and to rebuild her personal life. But there are also rewards.

    “When a woman is able to raise a child on her own, she can feel the satisfaction and pride of making it as a woman and as a mother,” she concludes.

    Posada also founded a support group: Grupo de apoyo el privilegio (The Privilege Support Group) that holds personal growth seminars to empower single parents.

    The Freedom of Being a Single Mom

    Esther Rodriguez is the single mother of two autistic children. She is a paralegal in Florida. If having healthy children often disrupts a relationship, when the kids have a disability, it can be even more of a challenge. In an interview, Rodriguez said that when she realized she was becoming the primary caregiver and her husband was a passive onlooker, she gave up on her dream of having a traditional family.

    “Now people ask me how I can raise two disabled children by myself,” Rodriguez says. “But although divorce is a challenge, it’s also been liberating. I have more time for my children, more time for me. I don’t have the obligation to make someone else happy. Just being able to make my own decisions over everyday things gives me peace of mind.”

    Rodriguez found that she is eligible for financial aid for single moms that she could not benefit from when she was married, such as for the Early Birds and after school programs.

    “Now I can focus on my work and being a mom, and being able to invest more time in myself, I feel more alive. I no longer fear that my children will lose their father, because a father is a father under any circumstance.”

    Online Resources for Single Moms

    SoLatina is an online hub for single Latina moms, that lists resources for single mothers and provides forums, information and blogs relevant to their concerns.

    SingleMom provides information on grants, aids, career and dating advice, for the single mother.

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